Sunday, August 16, 2009

DAY 7 The No Excuses Mentality

 Hi there Journal!

It is Sunday afternoon, but MyGuy has to work today. I got up early to make a lunch for him to take, them crashed thing I discovered the hard way is that I need to get enough sleep to lose weight! And I stayed up too late last night...umm....goofing off on the computer! oops...better put "time management" on my list of things to work on, LOL!

Well, on to "the list". The next thing on my "need to be CONSISTENT" list I want to think about is: NO EXCUSES (ouch, need to apply that to getting to bed on time!).

Honestly, there are days I say Yes! That's the way to go.....and then there are days I cringe at the idea of NO EXCUSES. But really, if I truly want to reach a goal that is hard work, and not take forever and a day to get there, then I DO want to get consistent on living under the NO EXCUSES banner.

I first really "got" the concept a few years ago when I read the 180 lb weight loss story of Kelly, "The Incredible Shrinking Woman". She shrunk from 395 lbs to 195. No, she didn't do it lowcarb...I don't care...she DID it, and that is what I admire and get inspiration from. If it's healthy and it works for YOU, you won't hear me criticizing it! You can read what Kelly wrote here about "The No Excuses Mentality".

When I first read her article on The No Excuses Mentality a few years ago, I guess I wasn't ready yet to commit and pay the price (if I had, I would be at goal by now!). I thought it sounded sort of harsh, and "all or nothing". I mean, all-or-nothing thinking was one of my downfalls...didn't Dr Phil say to be careful of that type of thinking?...yadda yadda yadda..... 

Yep, those were MY excuses. Now though, I finally understand that when the task you want to achieve is so monumental, so overwhelming at times (for me going from 460 to 199), it TAKES that level of committment. It takes whatever it takes to get that I will stay motivated and in the game!

I re-read Kelly's article again today...and it STILL grates on me!!! Amazing! But this time, I don't feelings are "not the boss of me" the kiddies would say. I see now why she chose to be so radical.

To have the thing you have never must DO those things you have never done before.

So, I am finally ready to get radical...ready to challenge even my most cherished of excuses...and kick them out ruthlessly. 

I will ignore them when they cry...when they whine...when they get "logical" and try to convince me to let them come back home...that I "need" them. Out I say! Scat!

I am not saying I am doing it "her" way...I am doing it MY way...but without on-again off-again effort, without excuses

I wrote up my goals, and the methods I will use to achieve those goals. And one of the most powerful methods will be to stop making excuses!!

From Dr Phil's book : "...acquire the tools...stay accountable...and action-oriented."

My verse for today: "The Lord is near."

My quote for today: “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” George Washington Carver

Enjoy the Journey,


PS: Tomorrow is Monday...weekly weigh-in day! I have to admit that I peeked today, but it won't count. I know ME, and I tend to flucuate up and down so much, it ain't funny! So, I will wait for tomorrow to spill the beans on my progress. :-)

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