Friday, August 21, 2009

DAY 12 Planning Ahead & Be Honest!

Greetings Journal!

I am alive and kicking...the toothache is subsiding, I got a full night's sleep, I feel human again!
The next item on my "need to get CONSISTENT" list was to be PLANNING AHEAD. To me that's's now 6:30 pm, I got up at 1:30pm, the sink is full of dishes, I haven't exercised today, nothing is planned for dinner....and you know what? I feel pretty good. I think I am just thankful to be out of pain! And to feel rested again...the rest will get done...eventually. :-)
Really though, today is the exception for me. Usually I would be stressed over being so messed up schedule-wise...which I did all too often. Remember, I called it the "NEED" to get consistent list...for a reason!
A while back I read a wonderful article by a Canadian psychologist, Dr Timothy Quek(click here for his site), called "The Problem of Procrastination". Obviously I haven't got it all down! But it's still good stuff. (click here for the article)

As applied to this weight loss journey, I find that planning ahead is so important for me. I seem to go in cycles...I do well for a time, then allow "life" to get me off track. On again, off again. Did I mention I need to get consistent here?? (and kick out the excuses!!)
When I do NOT plan ahead, I feel more stressed, under pressure, like I am playing catch up all day--yet never catch up. Then guilt...then I promise myself to do better.
When I am "on the fence" about a choice, having already planned ahead will tip me in the RIGHT direction...things will run a little more smoothly, and feel less hectic.
"You can avoid this trap by planning to succeed. Set up a positive expectation. Resolve now that you will not tolerate slipping backwards. Keep your standards up and don't settle!.... All you have to do is make the decision and expect success."--Tom Venuto
I suppose this is why I keep coming back to consistency, in the areas of MY life that need work. I am determined to reach my goal, and if it means grabbing myself by the back of the neck and giving a little shake now and then to get my own attention, then so be it! This journal sort of does that to me...forces me to focus in on a particular topic, and as my sister Karen wisely said: BE HONEST.

If I don't get and stay honest with myself, what's the point? I want the rest of my lfe to be full of health and joy and passion...I don't want to "settle" for just getting by, or existing.

Tom Venuto said: "If there's one thing that all people who successfully get lean and stay lean have in common, it's consistency. Without it, you never get any momentum going. It's like taking two steps forward, only to take three steps back."
I want to CHOOSE TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed at this...and that means getting consistent at PLANNING AHEAD.

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From Dr Phil's book: "Without question, it is this focused, goal-oriented approach to life that distinguishes winners from losers..."

My verse for today: "...should not a people inquire of their God?"

My quote for today: "Keep your mind on your objective, and persist until you succeed. Study, think and plan."--W. Clement Stone

Enjoy the Journey,



Sean Anderson said...

Awesome blog post. I've found that word to be the number one word along this road--- And consistency is still neck and neck with self-honesty. Both are key, absolutely!

My best always

Rettakat said...

I appreciate that, especially coming from one who has made such great progress on this journey! I keep reminding myself...Progress, not perfection. Maybe some day it will get easier, but right now it takes constant reminders!
Thanks, Loretta

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