Friday, August 14, 2009

DAY 1 Making It Happen!

DAY 1 of ReStart was on Monday Aug 10, 09

Highest wt: 460
LowCarb Start wt: 398
Current ReStart wt: 388
Goal wt: 199

Mental--read motivational/inspirational stuff daily
Physical--LowCarb eating plan, and get off my duff and Exercise
Spiritual--this is a spiritual journey, and He is walking it with me

MOTIVATION: to be who God created me to get my health back, and my life back!

PERSONAL: Age 58, married, 2 Furbabies (kitties), artist, a few medical problems that I refuse to let define's just too dang easy to let physical problems turn into excuses...and I was the Queen of more! A friend of mine once said: Figure out what your biggest excuse is and make a plan to get rid of it. If you don't think you have any excuses, just ask yourself why you are still fat...and catch your first whine....that's it, the biggest excuse, the thing that is getting in your way.

Day 1 thoughts...Hello Journal!
Heard a sermon recently where he said that real Faith produces "expectancy". I now know that I WILL succeed this time. Goof ups along the way? Sure...Course corrections...absolutely. But I WILL reach my goal. How do I know?? Cuz one of the reasons I am starting this journal, besides to encourage ME along the way, is to have a place to point anyone when that day comes if anyone asks me "how did you do it?" In other words, I "expect" it to happen.

I started out with a highest wt of 460...did the Dr Phil plan (loved the book "The Ultimate Weight Solution" for the psychological aspects), and lost around 70 lbs. But for the next 3 or 4 years kept yo-yoing up and down the same exasperating 20 lbs. I just could not sustain the typical low-fat, restricted calorie diet. But thanks to Dr Phil's book, I did manage to keep off the 70 lbs this time...In the past I have lost weight (around 100 lbs three different times) but never kept it fact, regained it back and THEN some. But I still was searching...I needed a nutrition plan that worked for ME.

I have been overweight all my life..tried everything over the years short of surgery (and that's because my insurance wouldn't pay for it)...and then I stumbled upon Low several LowCarb books..was inspired by several people, such as Jimmy Moore, several people from the Active Low Carber support forums....and Sean Anderson, a blogger who started at 505 lbs, and as of 8/5/09 had lost 201 pounds so far. He is NOT low carb, but I admire his accomplishment and committment. For inspiration, check out his blog .

I decided to include 3 things in each post here...this journey is not just a "diet"'s about what’s going on INSIDE…..mental and spiritual. So each time I am including one of my favorite quotes from Dr Phil's book, a favorite Bible verse, and a general quote that caught my interest. These things are short and to the point, and just help keep my head in the right place:

FROM DR PHIL'S BOOK: "Nothing will stop you from being anything other than healthy, vibrant, in shape, and fully in charge of yourself and everything you think, do and feel. THIS WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN because you have made the decision to step up and DO WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT." (emphasis mine)

MY VERSE FOR TODAY: "I am the Lord... is anything too hard for me?"

MY QUOTE FOR TODAY: "What would you attempt to achieve if you Believed it was impossible to fail?"

Well, Me, there you have it. You're off an' running….

Enjoy the Journey.... from 460 to 199.



Sean Anderson said...

Awesome first post! Absolutely. You're going to feel amazing my friend.

I'm so happy for you.


Anonymous said...

You are NOT 58!!! When I first saw your picture I thought, "oh another super young girl why doesnt anyone MY age ever blog anymore?" I thought you were in your 20's. I am serious.
Whatever your youth secret is, I want it!

Rettakat said...

Hi Nancy,
That is too funny! You have officially made my day...thanks!!

Julie said...

Hey girlfriend. Had to go back to the beginning because I'm sorta on pause right now so figured I'd start somewhere again. Oh I know what I'm doing, where I'd like to be and keep working on it but pause is what I feel like right now so figuring you are such an inspiration to me I'd check out some posts along the way.
Take care and have a great Sunday. I'm going to hop, skip and jump around now just to read and enjoy. God Bless!

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