Friday, September 11, 2009

DAY 33 Make Your Own Weather

Day 33 of ReStart, Friday Sept 11, 09

Good Evening,  Journal,

A few years ago someone gave me a cassette tape reading of a book by Bernie Siegel called  "How to Live Between Office Visits."

I enjoyed it very much, and remember being inspired and encouraged. But the one thing that IMPRINTED on my brain permanently was the concept:


A common idea, really, all about how our attitude determines what kind of a day we will have. But it was the word picture that he used that made it stick for me. I never forgot that I have a choice, every day, to choose what kind of "weather" I will have. 

I haven't always MADE that choice a positive one, but so often when I have allowed my emotional weather to be gloomy, cloudy or stormy, I will remember his words...make your own weather...and will shake my head at myself, and many times that was all it took, the AWARENESS...and the clouds parted, and the sun came out and my day just got better.

(click pic to enlarge)

My husband thanks you, Bernie! Here are some notes from some of Bernie's writings (here ).

From Dr Phil's book: "It's my choice, and I can do something about it."

My verse for today:  "God is the strength of my heart."

My quote for today: "When you feel dog tired at night, it may be because you've growled all day long."

Enjoy the Journey,



Shelli Belly said...

Thank you for your kind words today. We're on our way. What a wonderful motivating word "God is the strength of my heart."
Have a good weekend,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan, I will also have to remember "make your own weather!"

Your kitty pic, I haz a happee, that is so cute!

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