Thursday, March 11, 2010

DAY 214 Ideas Perking & Honest Scrap Part 2

Day 214 Thinkin' & Honest Scrap Part 2

Hello Journal & Friends!

So many thoughts... ideas perking... excitement bubbling just under the surface. Nothing is fully formed yet, so it's hard to write about it in a way that would make any sense.

Have you ever had the feeling the something good and meaningful was brewing... was going to happen soon?? Maybe "going to happen" is not the right description. 

More like: I am going to make it happen.

I feel as though I am coming out of a little bit of a slump, and the sun is shining bright again. As it comes into more focus, I'll share more details. For now, it's a nice feeling!

One that I can explain, is that I had an insight about myself recently. I had an opportunity to do some artwork for a friend, and found myself procrastinating. This person had some promotional material done by someone else, and everytime I see it, I finally realized that I felt intimidated. 

And thinking things like: why would they need MY artwork... this is so professional, I am an amateur, mine won't be good enough... what if I do it and it's not really what they want but they will feel obligated to use it and won't want to tell me the truth for fear of hurting my feelings"... etc etc.

Oh, how our own minds can be our own worst enemy, if we are not careful!!!

So, today, my answer to all that is... so what??!! 

If you want to do it, just do it and have a blast. Don't worry about the outcome. Do it for the joy of it, for the experience, for a friend, and if that is all that comes out of it, that is enough to light me up and make me smile!!

And now, for Part 2 of the Honest Scrap Award, given some time ago to me by Chris, at A Deliberate Life, and Karen, at Fitness: A Journey Not a Destination.

2. Best Sleep ever:

I can't say it was the most comfortable, but it was the most FUN, and most memorable. We went on a camping vacation to the Oregon coast... tents, sleeping bags, cookstove, the whole bit. And for the first time in decades, IT SNOWED on the Oregon coast!! We woke up shivering and laughing, our tent coated in snow. We had taken Happy, our Springer Spaniel dog with us, and when I we got out of my sleeping bag to go to the restroom in the night, he crawled inside the warm bag, and REFUSED to budge when I came back. I had to push him over to get back in. It was sooo funny.
This pic from the internet looks a lot like Happy:

From Dr Phil's book: "There is strength and power in support."

My verse for today: "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord."

My quote for today: "The proud man can learn humility, but he will be proud of it." --Mignon McLaughlin

Enjoy the Journey,



Tricia said...

love how positive you are!

Debi said...

That's right Loretta, if you want to do it...just do it. Be free! You might be surprised at the outcome. It is true our own thinking can be the worst thing for us..but you are such a positive person...hang onto that and watch your dreams come true!

cmoursler said...

You can do it loretta, and have faith in your talent.
loved your best sleep.

Anonymous said...

Ain't no on more talented than you are. No one.
(And you know I don't just blow smoke!)


Anonymous said...

i need a happy recharge. feel like crap today. and sad. :-(

antgirl said...

Go for it! I'm glad you're coming out of your slump. Your art is amazing. Believe in yourself. I believe in you. I'm talkin from this ID until people get the chance to switch. :D

Awww, Happy didn't wanna be cold. I often wake up with cat feet in my face. LOL

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