Friday, March 5, 2010

DAY 208 Challenge Update & More Unknown Secrets

Happy Friday, Journal & Friends,

It is Week 9 of The Perfect 10 Challenge! 

My goal was to exercise 6 days a week, doing my DVD's, and my stretching exercises. I did great getting in the DVD sessions, but struggled to get in the stretching. I think it is because it seems like a waste of time! I "know" it's good for me, but it doesn't feel like I am accomplishing much. Well, until I can do something else, I'll just keep doing the stretching... 

I do realize this about myself, that I need to feel that something is "productive", that it is giving results, or I have a hard time continuing. 

For instance, I watch my favorite tv shows in the evening, but save things like paperwork, bill paying, etc, to do while I watch. I find it nearly impossible to just sit and watch... it feels like a waste of precious time.  Anyway, right now I am taking it on faith that the time spent stretching IS productive.

Now for that Unknown Fact about myself... it IS getting harder each week!

This may sound weird, but I really enjoy "functional landscaping." Plants that not only look beautiful, but produce something. So, when we moved here last year, we planted a Dwarf Peach tree in our back yard. 

Last year Frosty (yes, we named it!) only produced 4 peaches... but man oh man, they were soooo good! Absolutely luscious. This year we expect it to double or triple that. :-)

We also planted 4 varieties of Blueberry bushes in our front yard. They are beautiful to look at all year round, and also produced the most tasty fabulous blueberries! I was astounded at how a blueberry was REALLY supposed to taste, picked right from the bush. It was like eating candy... a true dessert, just plain and pure.

And this year on the trellis' in the front of the house, we are planting Snow Peas.
It will look pretty, and it's a VEGGIE, and a green one at that. :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "Stay real and stay flexible."

My verse for today: "I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear for I am with you."

My quote for today: "Zucchinis terrific! Like bunnies, prolific!" --author unknown


midlife_swimmer said...

nice produce! our blueberries took about 3 seasons to REALLY explode with blossoms but man you should see the blossoms already this year! i use herbs and useful plants throughout my garden also.... it just makes good sense.

cmoursler said...

I love functional favorite is the apple tree.
great job on your goals.. and stretching keeps you limber.

Patsy said...

The blossom on your dwarf peach is beautiful! One of the loveliest things about spring is the cherry blosson lining some of the streets around here. I get really excited about Spring and really look forward to seeing daffodils, crocuses and the first buds appearing on the trees. It sounds really trite, but all those wonderful things bring tears to my eyes! lol

Leslie said...

You make me so anxious to get gardening! Fantastic plants you have. We have neighbors who have blueberry bushes that have apparently been there for 20+ years. They are huge, and the family can't use all the berries, they are so abundant! And Peaches - oh yum!

Sounds like you're making good steady progress on your goals.

I can 100% identify with not being as interested in stretching because it doesn't seem to do as much. That's just where I am with wanting to get back to exercising after the knee surg but wanting it to be "worth it". HA! It's ALL worth it!

Beth said...

Please come to Minnesota and plan my functional garden. I would like to have spinach, lettuce, arugula, butternut squash,zucchini and the usual tomatoes and green pepper. Oh, and analyze our soil on the south side and let us know why nothing will grow there.

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