Sunday, March 7, 2010

DAY 210 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo Encore

Hi Journal & Friends,

I shared this photo before, but it's one of my favorites, and I am sort of in the mood for it again, LOL! (click to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey,



Weighting Around said...

Thanks for sharing, Loretta. It is an inspiring picture.

anne h said...

Very cool pic!

Beth said...

That photo sort of embodies my 30-year dieting history!

Anonymous said...

that will be me, still hoping to get published one day.
I just realized you write "made on a mac by Rettakat" so am assuming you have a mac. I want to get one for my daughter (a laptop) for her birthday, but she wants a pc and thinks a mac will be difficult to operate. What do you think? I knew someone with a Mac and I swear she could never use it, so I'm nervous about that. (Plus I may not be able to afford it anyway)

Rettakat said...

NANCY: Ah yes, Macs. You either love 'em, or hate 'em. I LOVE mine. Jim, being a photographer, loves it too. Most people in the visual arts tend to like Macs, once they try it.

-I've had our Mac for about 11 years...I have NEVER crashed.

-I have NEVER had a virus, worm, bug, or whatever. I never have to worry about bugs alerts that go around in emails, or that come if you click on this or that, or if you download something.

-It was easy to learn, the operating systems are very intuitive.

-They are high quality; not as many apps to choose from but the ones they make for a Mac are usually high quality.

-The dang things DO cost more!

-There are NOT as many Mac compatible apps (though I have everything I need).

-You don't have all the free stuff online (which may or may not explode or infect your PC!)

-There are times when I haven't been able to see pics or docs that people send in email. I now have a new translator app that should help with that, though.

-If your daughter uses a PC at school and elsewhere, I might be confusing or frustrating for her to have to switch back and forth.

-She might not be able to view certain DVD's if they are not formatted for a Mac, though the majority of them nowadays are dual formatted.

-Personal preference; if all her friends are using PC's, she might not want to be different, and some of the chat gizmos might not work the same, or at all on a Mac. And if she is into gaming, some of the online Games don't work right with a Mac.

That's a starting place... you could do a search on the pros and cons of using a Mac, vs a PC.

Hope that helps!

Kat said...

The pic is lovely! My husband has a Mac and loves it. We have a Vitamix blender and it is great with the green smoothies - one of the best investments we made in the last year. It is a really strong machine and has been holding up really well. I love that I can add my whole flax seeds to it.

antgirl said...

I like that. Gets my creative juices going. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that information Retta! Well your cons dont seem much like cons (except the price!!!) Caitlin doesnt chat online and she's not a gamer. She likes digital design though and spends her free time on the computer doing that. Mostly she is a writer like me and will be using her laptop to write. I would love for her to have a laptop that would not crash! But I think because of the price we may be forced to just get a pc.

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