Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DAY 192 Thank You & Doing the Mental Work

Hello Journal & Friends!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone that sent me such supportive comments, cards and email.   It meant so much to me that people that have never met me in person would be so kind and generous! The biopsy procedure went smoothly, and wasn't as bad as it could have been. Even when the numbness wore off, it only throbbed for a little bit. Now it only hurts when I talk (so shut up, Loretta!), and if I try to eat too fast or food that is too thick (so slow down, Loretta!). ;-)  It was not such a big deal after all... I kinda feel like a wuss! LOL!

It'll take 2 weeks to get the pathology report back. So now it's a waiting game. I've reminded myself that worrying is like trying to travel in a rocking chair: you waste a lot of energy rocking back and forth, but you don't get anywhere!
I'm still mulling over the concept of sowing and reaping, that I wrote about in the story for Toon Tuesday (here) . For years I've heard it taught in a negative context. Sort of like the boogie man, used to scare people into not doing anything bad, or later it will "get you".

Well, if the concept is a Truth (and I believe it is), then it also works for the good! The old advice of "if you want friends, be friendly" is based on this Truth.

I have visited a lot of blogs. And my heart goes out to those that are struggling. We are all soo busy... sometimes overcommitted, stretched thin. And some of you are trying to do this journey with a job, children, spouses, other commitments. I am amazed at times how much some of you juggle, and still do this!

The times when I have had my most struggles are usually when I have allowed myself to get too busy to do "the work" on a consistent, daily basis. 

What work?

The mental work. Getting rid of the junk in my head, and replacing it with right thinking. Asking myself the hard questions, and being honest with the answers. Not choosing to always have "noise" going on, so that I can't even think.

And I used to do that... all the time. All my waking hours. Music, radio, computer, DVD's, books on tape. Input... always some kind of input. I would even get mildly anxious if I finished a library book-on-tape, and didn't have another one waiting to listen to... for entertainment, to take me away from reality, for distraction.

Why?? Because I didn't like where my thoughts took me. I didn't like how they would spiral down eventually, and it was a struggle not to sink into negativity.

I'm not talking about facing my issues... resolving them... learning from them... putting them to rest. That's good and necessary.

I'm talking about letting my own thoughts work AGAINST me, instead of FOR me.

I'm talking about letting my thoughts run me... just floating downstream like a dead fish, putting up no resistance to them, instead of making the EFFORT of taking charge and swimming UPstream.

Here are some questions, for those that might be struggling. 

I am certainly no expert... these are just things that I learned (the hard way) over time, that have helped me:

  • How much "positive input" do you get each day? 

  • Do you make time, even if 5 minutes, to consistently--every day--read or think something uplifting, something that will help inspire or motivate you?

  • Do you make sure you get input that makes you SMILE or LAUGH each day? Whether you feel like it or not when you started?

  • Did you WRITE DOWN your goals? WHY you want to lose the weight? Your life purpose? Your passions in life? 

  • Do you review them often?

  • Do you take time each day, even if only for 5 minutes, to be alone, quiet, and do whatever you believe in... pray, meditate, center yourself?

  • Do you have a hero? Someone farther along this road that you can learn from? That inspires you? That has shown that it CAN be done? 

  • Have you made the choice to reduce or eliminate the "anchors" from your life? Those people or associations that drag you down, drowning you in negativity, and sapping your energy? 

I not talking about not helping people in need... you know what I mean: people that light up a room by LEAVING it... people who love to complain, gossip, and are always full of doubt and pessimism. Attitudes are contagious, and you don't need to be constantly rubbing elbows with toxic people. 

Care about them, yes. Saturate yourself with their attitude, no.

This journey takes energy. Physical energy. Mental energy. 

We need to charge our batteries on a daily basis, on purpose. It will NOT just happen.

It will ony happen if we MAKE it happen... if we take time to do the mental work.

If we are struggling, we owe it to ourselves to check our calendar: are WE ON IT?? 

From Dr Phil's book: "Gain emotional closure...Refuse to live with unfinished emotional business."

My verse for today: "I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you."

My quote for today: "I will live this day to it's fullest. Time is the coin of my life, and I choose to spend it wisely." --adapted from Carl Sandburg

Enjoy the Journey,



{ALL} for a Better Life said...

So glad it went smoothly and you are feeling okay.

Oh yes - the mental fat, I have lots of that and I am working through it. Thanks for the questions and the reminders!

antgirl said...

I hadn't thought of it in the terms you just stated, but it makes so much sense. Making time for ourselves and to recharge / recenter is crucial. I have found it to be so. I work so much better when I do.

I love reading your blog. You always make me think. And in a good way. I can see that you're on the road to success. Take the time to enjoy your achievements to-date. Often, folks forget to do that, too. You're doing so great.

I'm here for ya, if ya need me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, girlfriend! So glad things went smoother than you had been led to believe! God is good!!

I appreciate something you do in your posts on thoughts and feelings--you ALWAYS include a caution that one should not ignore issues. That they should be thought through regardless of the pain involved--worked thru, learned from & settled. That is so important.

So often people use the helpful advice you have just given re: not getting pulled down by negative thinking as an excuse to deny and avoid their stuff.

This post is not that at all--it is a healthy, hopeful, useful guide to how we should handle our little brain's product--thoughts and emotions. :D

Loved it. Deb

P.S. Thank you soooo much for the comment on my last post. I think you may be right--I need to stick to what worked. I might test out a particular carb here and there (OK, not potatoes.), but basically the freedom is a prize I want to keep. If an added food breaks that, I'll skip the added food. :)

Debbie said...

Well said!! Positive reinforcements can do wonders for us. Sometimes we don't realize the negativity we're surrounded by until we get away from it. It can drain us spiritually, emotionally and mentally!

Great post!!

Leslie said...

Excellent post, Loretta. Great food for thought. And thank you for the very thoughtful comments you put on my posts most days. I get A LOT out of them, and find you have a lot of wisdom and experience.

Will be sending positive vibes for good biopsy results. Waiting is tough. But it's clear that you have the mental toughness to stay the course, not dwell on something that is as yet unknown, and just live a day at a time.

Kat said...

So glad to hear that the procedure is over. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I am learning more and more, for me at least, that the mental aspect is just as important as exercise...It all relates.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Two weeks must seem like a long time to wait for the results. My thoughts are with you.

I love what you said about eliminating toxic people from your life and conversely, surrounding yourself with positivity. I certainly find that when I'm with people who find the good even in bad situations, I tend to be more positive too.

Lauralei said...

i have been working so hard on replacing the negative self talk with the positive - thank you so much for this entry - this is my first visit to your blog - i love the artwork you have done - i too have made a cover for my datebook and it was so much fun - yours is just beautiful!

cmoursler said...

lol, people who light up the room when THEY LEAVE.
Only a few of those..
I don't spend enough time thinking period.
I am always busy busy busy...I want time to think.
Maybe this weekend would be good.
Can't wait till cookie season is over.

Shelli Belly said...

You are a true Blessing.

Dayne Gingrich said...


Think about that one. Talk about "truth." Redefining our mindsets takes a lot of work, every day. Discipline and Commitment are the keys.

Mental training is a muscle... it needs constant attention for it to improve. Discipline and Commitment! Discipline and Commitment!

Every day... do something that helps create a new mindset.

CREATE A NEW... rather than changing old. CREATE A NEW!!!

When we try to "change the old," we're actually focusing on the old, which only makes that old stronger. We think we're improving, but in actuality, we're hurting ourselves when we attempt to change the old ways.

CREATE A NEW WAY. Learn from the old, but pay no attention to the old. Create a new...


Patsy said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments you leave on my blog. :o) I will be sending all the best wishes in the world to you for the results of your biopsy.

Bye for now

Patsy x

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