Monday, February 1, 2010

DAY 176 Oh So Close Monthly Weigh In

Good Monday Morning to Journal & Friends!

On some good advice from other blog buddies, I decided to switch to reporting monthly on my weigh ins. That's today! 

So for day 1 of February: 351
That means a total loss in January of 7 pounds. I was aiming for 8, but I'll take it. :-)

I REALLY want to get to 350! It's been a goal of mine for... twenty years??!!! It's a hurdle I want to bust through.. it's a psychological thing.

It has to do with walking triumphantly into the doctors office, and holding my head up high as they walk me down the little hallway to the little room. And you KNOW where the nurse always stops on the way to the little room, right???

Yes, at THE SCALE. The scale that wouldn't weigh ME, because I was too heavy. But the nurses don't look at my chart, or THINK, and instead always stop at the same scale that only goes to 350 pounds... and they cheerfully chirp out "let's get your weight today."  And once again, I say no thanks, I'll pass. And they insist. And I am forced, yet again, to explain to them with embarrassment that the scale won't go high enough to weigh me, and I must tell them what my home scale said, instead. 

I am DONE with that humiliation!! Never again! 

I am looking forward to the next doctors visit, whenever that is. I can't wait to go down the little hallway and stop at that scale. And feel like any other patient. Normal. Able to use normal equipment, like anyone else. I may not be at my goal yet, but this is a tiny milestone that I have looked forward to for years with eagerness! 

Did you ever think you would WANT to get weighed in front of people??!! LOL!

From Dr Phil's book: "Your interpretation of the event, not so much the event itself, is the real trouble maker that gets you so worked up."

My verse for today: "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee."

My quote for today: "The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." --Chinese proverb


Debbie said...

You go!! 7 pounds is great!! 109 pounds gone forever!!

Being able to weigh on the doctor's scales is a wonderful achievement! Only one pound to go!! WooHoo!! Before you know it, you'll want to ask them to move the scales in the waiting area to weigh you! (I know I will!) :-)

Olivia said...

Oh wow!! That is so awesome!! 7 pounds woohoo (doing a little dance in my office chair fyi). You are so getting there. Keep it up!

midlife_swimmer said...

you are so close!!!!! that's awesome.

Mary Joy said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Next month you'll be below that 350 mark - that's a great milestone.

Joanne said...

Loretta - I am so pleased for you. That 7 is an awesome number. I know that getting on the "normal" scale may sound like a strange goal but its a GREAT ONE!!!

Whenever I read your blog the positive vibes just jump off the page and into my soul.

Tricia said...


antgirl said...

Congratulations! Seven pounds is fantastic. That's a good idea, to weigh yourself once a month. Is it keeping you saner?

You are going to get there. A bit more patience. You are going to reach your mini goal and bust right past it. I'm quite sure. :)

dawne said...

We'll all celebrate with you when you bust past that number, never to return!

cmoursler said...

great job on 7 pounds loretta, you are doing fantastic.
I can't wait to walk in to the doctor's office where the doctor confirmed my miscarriage...and then said "You would probably have an easier time carrying a baby to term if you lost weight."
then he'll weigh me...then I will punch him in the face for being an obnoxious d*ck when I needed consoling.
then I will probably get
I can't wait till you stop off in that little room and say "Gladly".

Ms. PJ Geek said...

Yipee for the 7 lbs. February is OUR month. We are going to break down our wall-yours has 350 on it and mine has 230 and we'll keep moving towards our ultimate goals of health and fitness. This is it!....And what is it about Doctor's office scales and the nurses assistant?
At my doctor's office the scale is in this little room that every pt enters to have their bp checked and then their weight. The assistants always leave the last person's wt on the scale for anyone to see. I started making it a point to put it to 0 when my wt was recorded, hoping they would get the hint and be a little more sensitive. But I kind of realized that to them it just isn't a big deal.They are just doing their job and not really thinking about what we the patient are feeling and thinking.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Loretta! I am so happy for you; it feels like such a relief! One less difficult moment, one less cause for embarrassment--one more SHOUT OF VICTORY!!! WOOHOO!!!! :D Deb

CinciMom11 said...

What an amazing milestone you are so close to!!! I can't imagine how great that must feel. :) :) :)

7 pounds for January is awesome. You're doing great! I have to ask: Do you weigh in during the month and just report once each month? Or do you only weigh yourself once each month?

Rettakat said...

Thank you everyone, for all the encouraging words. I appreciate more than you can know!

MARY AND CINCIMOM: Actually, I report it only once a month, and update my sidebar list. But I still weigh in each Monday. I want to know if I am on track, and it keeps me paying attention.

But I have big swings, water and such, and just got tired of explaining that no, I am not stuffing my face with ding dongs, as one commenter suggested quite awhile ago, LOL! That I really HAVE been eating within my calories, that I really AM exercising within my ability... it just got repetitive and felt like I was making excuses. It doesn't bother me hardly at all, because I am used to my wild numbers dance. But it is much easier now just doing an official update once a month.


Kristina said...

Great loss! You will reach 350! You are sooo close! Im reaching for 299 (again..gained it back up to 303 a couple of weeks ago..meh)....WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

The Brown Recluse said...

Hi Loretta! I think you're doing a great job, and I'm happy to have been pointed in your direction.
I hate getting weighed at the doctor's office, only to have the tech announce to the whole world how much my weight is. grrrr.
One little measley pound is just a poop away, you know? lol (I must be tired, I don't normally reference "poop" in in any of my comments.)

Kat said...

Yay for 7 pounds! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the weightloss Retta!!! You are doing great!
I will look forward to the day you report that you got weighed on the doctors scale!

Leslie said...

Congratulations on the 7 pounds! You're spittin' distance from 350 now, and may even be there today! I love the picture of the baby. I have to weigh weekly too - and with the current challenge I'm doing I'm updating weekly. But I think when the challenge is over, monthly updates will be good. More often keeps me all up in my head about the scale, and there's more to this journey than the scale. You're doing great.

{ALL} for a Better Life said...

SMALL MILESTONE? That is flippin' huge! I know exactly what you are talking about and I think it is amazing, good for you. I can remember when I joined Curves a few years ago and the fat percentage machine wouldn't register me - I was mortified. Consequently, I didn't go to Curves much. Maybe that was an excuse but nontheless I was too embarrassed.

You are doing great, and I am very proud of you!

Patsy said...

So excited for you! You'll be under 350 before you know it! :o)

Rettakat said...

BROWN RECLUSE: Oh dear, that can't really be your name?! Please tell me it's not in reference to...a... s.p.i.d.e.r. I will instead think of you as a hermit with brown hair, LOL!!
Your comment about the one measley pound was so funny!
Welcome to the fun,

Anne said...

Ah, the dreaded Dr.'s scale, I know it well. Strikes fear in the hearts of many! I have faith that the pesky pound will vacate soon. You are doing great!

Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you Retta, two summers ago my daughter Caitlin got bitten by some kind of spider 5 times on her side and they became purple and green and huge MRSA infections!! It was a horrible ordeal, and after an ER visit, many dr visits and tests and antibiotics for four months, she was finally over it, but she is scarred. She has five little burn like marks all up and down her side. All from a spider.
I kill ALL spiders I see. Never do I let one go anymore.

Rettakat said...

NANCY: Oh, poor Caitlin!!! What an ordeal.

Yes, it was like that, a MRSA type infection, eating away at the flesh creating a crater. Antibiotics, frequent bandage changing, and months of healing. My scar is gone now, but it's been several years now. So, maybe hers will fade, too.

Yep, any spider dumb enough to enter my house is gonna get squished!

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