Thursday, October 8, 2009

DAY 60 Every Choice Matters

Good Afternoon Journal,

One of my favorite living artists is Larry Seiler (here).  Right in the middle of a rising career during which he was becoming well-known and collected, he chose to do a complete change-up in his painting style! 

His 'before' style looked like this:

(click pic to enlarge)

He now paints more impressionistic, like this:
(click pic to enlarge)

He is generous with his time, sharing from his knowledge and experience on WetCanvas, an online art community of which I am a member. He has answered my questions, offered suggestions, and been an inspiration to me.

One thing that he did to further his technique was to actually COUNT each brushstroke as he created a painting. He wanted the painting to look fresh and spontaneous. Each brushstroke needed to matter, laid down deliberately and left alone...not messed with and ending up muddled looking. Each stroke was a choice, done with confidence and boldness...each had to be chosen knowing that it mattered, that it would have an effect.

I was thinking about that today....about CHOICES. And how in this journey to wellness, I needed to be reminded that EACH CHOICE HAS A CONSEQUENCE. That EVERY choice matters...they are ALL important. Every time I make a choice, all day long, whether small or big, they all add up and have consquences. 

Last night I ate too much. I ate good food, on my plan. I didn't binge. But I still ate too much. I was not careful about my choice to do that...I didn't think it through and remember that ALL CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. 

I want to have it in the front of my thinking again:




In Dr Phil McGraw's book "The Ultimate Weight Solution" he says this: "Choose the behavior, choose the consequences." I used to fuss over this...I would argue that I am NOT choosing to be fat. But now I see what he is trying to say. If I CHOOSE THE BEHAVIOR, then I must accept the responsibility for the CONSEQUENCES that result from that behavior I chose.

In the end, being a "little" off in my choices will add up to a huge consequence later, unless I get it nipped in the bud now.  That is why I am writing imprint on my brain:


From Dr Phil's book: "Have the willingness and courage to throw off your past, go after your weight-control goals, and pursue a life that is defined as healthy and fit."

My verse for today: ", O God, are strong, and you O Lord, are loving."

My quote for today: "Life is choice. Growth is optional. Choose wisely."

Enjoy the Journey,



{ALL} for a Better Life said...

You always know how to talk to me. Or maybe it is that we are sharing thoughts. One thing that always rings in my ear lately is this: "You are defined by your choices."

I love that I have motivated you to do some goals! You have motivated me to go get some stickers. I want a full month filled up! I am doing the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and I am going to have 30 shiny stars in a row! We can make these good choices together.

Thank you my friend!


Rettakat said...

Hi {ALL},
I have my list of Mini-Goals all written out! This one is only til Monday, then I want to do them weekly. Gold we come. :-)

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

Will blue stars work just as well? I need to be an optimist today! Thanks for the encouragement!

Rettakat said...

Hi Karen,
I actually have them in red, blue, green, silver and gold! Take yer pick. ;-) I'm glad you felt encouraged.

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