Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7th I Can Do Better

What's that emo we see on the interwebs? Face palm?

That's what I feel like doing today. I JUST finished visting a blog I read once in a blue moon. And scrolling down past posts, one jumped out and smacked me right between the eyes. The post title is: 

How to Succeed at Weight Loss 
(And Anything Else) 

Sounds like an infomercial, right? But here's the thing... the blog writer, Bryan Ganey, has lost nearly 400 pounds, no surgery. 

You read that right: LOST 400 lbs. So, I have to give the man some respect, and at least be open to new ideas.

But that was the problem. What he went on to say was NOT a new idea to me. Ouch... it was all too familiar, in fact.

I looked up from the computer screen, and saw the little yellow sticky note I had stuck where I could see it every day. It was slightly curling at the edges, and dated 7/30/12.  I felt rather... I don't know... foolish feels about right... as I read it:

Make a Schedule... and FOLLOW IT!
Make a Menu.........and FOLLOW IT!

Yep, it was exactly what Bryan Ganey had posted about. Exactly.  Have a routine, and then follow it. Sigh...

The problem is, without the "doing" part, having a cute little sticky note with good advice doesn't do a bit of good. If I had taken CONSISTANT ACTION when following the instructions on that sticky note, I would have been at my goal weight now, and a lot healthier.

Consistent Action. That sounds familiar to me, too, as I type it out. Must've done a post about that, too. :-}

I've kept a daily "to do" list for decades. 
Planned my projects.
Made lists.
Made plans.

And here I sit, admitting it is just wasted ink without the follow through.

I can do better.

I can follow through. Like Mr Ganey writes, if we do that day after day after day... we will eventually see results. It will add up. 

I know I've written about this before. I've even "tried" before. But I think we must learn in layers... in levels. Hard to explain. But maybe we just have to ready for that next step. Be willing for that next step.

I'm not going to get all jazzed up and write out yet another plan or list or program. I've done all that. I'm just going to DO the part I haven't been consistent in doing:


I highly recommend Mr Ganey's post. Very good kick in the tush if you are struggling.

Never quit,



Sean Anderson said...

"But I think we must learn in layers... in levels. Hard to explain. But maybe we just have to ready for that next step. Be willing for that next step." Yes indeed, we do!! Retta, we have both lived this truth in similar ways and otherwise. We both know it's not about perfection, but consistency--it is about consistency and never giving up. Thank you for turning me on to his blog! Amazing!!

Retta said...

You're welcome, Sean. It's an amazing story.

Jenn said...

Just found your blog. I've also ready Brian's and have many a times made my "make a list, follow it" notes. And I do, until I don't.
Chin up though, from what I'm seeing from my quick glance at your blog, you've had some great success! Keep it up!

anne h said...

People always balk at having to start over.... maybe we should call it "getting to start over!" Many people don't get another chance. I have started over so many times - it just crazy! But it feels so good to get out from under the weight of it all (lol) and so oppressive to struggle with it. We are all learning how those two facts come together!
I love the link - I know several of us who have lost 400 or even 1000 pounds... the same 10 or 20 pounds over and over again. Ugh!

Retta said...

Welcome, Jenn!
"And I do, until I don't."
Ha, I had to laugh at that. Sounds like me! :-)

Retta said...

Oh man, Anne, what a truth! "Many people don't get another chance." That sure checks any complaining I might want to indulge in! :-D

Leslie T said...

I love what you said about learning in layers. I believe that is true. My mind immediately goes to the, "why didn't I get that earlier" thinking, but I realize now that this is part of the process. I think our minds can only handle so much genuine change at once.

Retta said...

You are so right, Leslie. And my version of "why didn't I get that earlier" thinking is "but I thought I DID get that earlier!?!" Yep, learn a little, apply it. Learn a little, apply it. Or else I am like a sponge that tried to sop up too much at one time, and it's all just dripping onto the floor, ha!

PeacefulBird said...

Yes, YES, and Y*E*S! I would add that it works best for me when the routine is simple, where I have freedom to play it by ear in other departments of my life. I've not had OR been following a routine lately, so thank you for the reminder. We can do this! PS... I agree with Leslie T about learning in layers... so true, and such a good way to put it.

Retta said...

I agree, Robin, about the routine being best when simple. I've gone thru many stages over the years. Some where I thought the more detailed the routine, the more I would accomplish. I learned the hard way that I always got behind and overwhelmed, then just threw my hands up and gave up for awhile. Then, I'd take a breath, make a simpler routine, and try again. I like routines with "wiggle room" in them. Some people call them "margins". I suppose you could also call them "realistic", ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Loretta, if you haven't already, I think you'll like this post on Mark's Daily Apple. It's given me a fresh breeze of my age.


Retta said...

What a fantastically encouraging story! Thank you so much, I hadn't read it yet. And I was just sitting here, feeling yucky with my mouth throbbing (had that dental surgery Monday). I was feeling "old" and toothless, and discouraged every time I looked in the mirror. So the timing to read this story was absolutely perfect. Thank you, Deb!

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