Sunday, May 13, 2012

MAY 13th Musings on My 1000th Day Since Blogstart

Good morning Journal,

Today I went to China and watched Jeffrey Hessing paint! Well... through the magic of video. :-) 

I adore Jeffrey and his paintings. His love of color and life and beauty. The way he sees and FEELS a painting.

If I had the means and opportunity to take only one workshop in my life, it would be with him as my mentor.

(A detail from my favorite painting of his, titled "Lijiang"; 
the complete painting may be seen Here, 
under Example paintings/China) 

As I watched the video titled Hessing in Hangzhou on his website, showing Jeffrey float along the shoreline painting at an easel rigged up on the little boat, I kind of envied his ability to travel so much. He loves painting on location. Being influenced by the LIFE of his surroundings... absorbing that life into himself and then out it comes onto his joyfully colorful canvases!

Right now, until I gain strength, I spend most of my days in my power chair. I currently can't go anywhere unless Jim is there to help load and unload my chair, and take me. So my life, my world, is here at home most of the time.

But guess what? With Jim and Joey gone camping, it's been quiet and peaceful, and I've gone out into the backyard and just sat, looking.

And absorbing MY surroundings. 
Hearing at least 6 different bird calls. 
Seeing all the spring growth, and the riot of colors in nature. 

Our backyard is huge to me, surrounded on all sides with a privacy fence and many tall trees and shrubs in site. It felt like I was in a park!

And I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this wonderful and beautiful home. 

It was a miracle the way it worked out that we could actually buy it about 4 years ago, with no money down, and I am very aware of how blessed we are. 

Here is my "park", from left to right. (can click pics to enlarge)

We have nice neighbors on all three sides who also appreciate their privacy. Oh, and Joey loves it too, because all three neighbors have doggies that come out to "talk" and play with her through the fence. :-D

Left corner (edge of house at left of pic)
This is where Joey greets a little girl Maltese daily.

Middle of left side; Joey hides her 
best chews behind this huge bush.

Farther down to left corner of yard.

Looking up above the back fence, and
a little to the rt of the little storage shed.

Smack in the middle of the back fence.
Beyond this fence lives half a dozen little
black and white Boston Terriers that race 
around and get Joey totally jazzed every 
day! And if she needed any MORE reason
to be excitable, in that reddish bush, about 
7 feet above the ground, is a birdie nest 
with 3 baby Blue Jays and noisy 
protective Mama Blue Jay!

And this is the rt corner and rt side fence. 
Beyond this fence live 2 HUGE dogs who 
wag their huge tails when tiny Joey bounces
over to greet them every day. So funny!
Even the kitties get to come outside in their
"playpen" and enjoy the grass and sun.

I wish my Mom could have seen my dream home... she would have loved my backyard.

Happy Mother's Day, Momma.


on Day 1000


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and I am sure your Mom would have loved your gorgeous yard. Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy my backyard, too. It is VERY small. Really postage stamp, but we live in the ciy limits, so our back yard is one of the few in the neighborhood and it has an optical illusion. The end of our yard goes straight up! The hillside has a couple dozen or so tall trees on it and it gives the impression of going straight BACK. When people see pictures, they think we have a huge patch of woods. :}

Thing is, when we sit on the back deck, it looks like that to us, too. We just sit back there in our teensy yard and feel like we're back in the countryside where we are both from. (My childhood was in a housing plan that was developed in the 60s. Side by side brick houses on "small" adjoining yards. (That small yard was a third of an acre. :} chuckle.) The plan was set in the middle of woods and old orchards and ponds.

Moving into town was an adjustment for both Bill and I, but our little yard with it's pretend forest suits us just fine, so I know what you mean when you say you feel like you're in a park. :}

I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation, too!

God is good.


MargieAnne said...

I love big trees. We don't have room for them but there is a green strip nearby with big trees we can admire.

I'm glad you got to enjoy your home in a new and fresh way this weekend.


Christine said...

It was such a beautiful post that I wanted to find a poem to go along with it...but your post was a no worries. Our world is as big as our minds concieve it to be...yours is huge.

Christine said...

Your words were a poem. Our worlds are as big as our minds conceive it them to be..your world is huge. Loved it...Your mom does enjoy your backyard. No doubt.

E. Jane said...

What a lovely post, Loretta. I could feel the beauty and serenity in your words. We spent the day on our deck and in our back yard with our kids and grandkids. The weather was glorious, and I, for one, am so grateful for the beauty that exists right outside my door. Thanks for helping me realize this.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I love your perspective on your world. It is all about what we make it, isn't it? Christine is right to say that your mother is there in your lovely surroundings sharing the beauty as well.

affectionforfitness said...

Hi Loretta, I love that you are so passionate about your art. I also love that painting of your favorite artist. It's gorgeous.

My background is now completely closed off so that Keebler, my dog, can play without a leash on. He loves it. He often barks at his reflection in the neighbor's basement window.

:-) Marion

Rettakat said...

Thanks for taking the "tour". :-)

Rettakat said...

That is a good description, an optical illusion... it's usually fairly quiet, and with the birds singing and tweeting, it gives the illusion of being a nice park.
How nice to have your own postage stamp optical illusion... and to sit out on your deck and enjoy your tiny patch of heaven. :-)

Rettakat said...

You may not have big trees in your yard... but you have that gorgeous ocean view a stone's throw away!

Rettakat said...

Aww, thank you, Chris.

Rettakat said...

I have to admit that sometimes I forget to really SEE, and need the reminder myself. :-)

Rettakat said...

I have to agree that in a way she is... since she died (in 2004) I've come to feel strongly that she is like the golden threads that are woven into a fine tapestry. She is woven into ME, into my life, and so is always there.

Rettakat said...

How cute that Keebler barks at his reflection. Joey does that too if she suddenly sees "a strange doggie" being reflected in the sliding glass door.

M Pax said...

I love the painting you shared. Jeffrey is an amazing artist. I'm glad you found the gratitude for what you have. It is amazing. Happiness starts there, in appreciating what we have.

Rettakat said...

I agree, Mary, his paintings always make me smile. And when I first watched the video of him in China painting in that boat, I started to feel a tad bit sorry for myself, knowing I'd never get to go. But that's when I went outside and realized I lived in a beautiful place, right here! And felt to grateful. Made all the difference in the world!
I'm glad you enjoyed his painting, that's my absolute fav of his. :-)

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