Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MAY 17th Worm Breath... EWWW!!!

Good Afternoon Journal & Friends,

It's been rainy here in Southern Oregon for a couple of days. It's tempting to complain. Then... oh noes... not again. Here we go...  

Lessons From A Puppy #5

It's All In How Ya Look At it!

Yes, I was tempted to whine about the cold, damp weather. 

I missed the sun... 
I missed the spring... 
I missed the light, the brightness...

But guess what happens when it rains?? Why, the worms come up to the surface, so they don't drown. 

And what does any self-respecting puppy do when she encounters a real, live wriggly worm?? EAT IT, of course!! 

Joey wasn't complaining about the damp and drizzle. She was too busy having a blast running around the back yard, finding and eating worms... EWWWWW! Doggie kisses anyone??? No way!!

Below is Joey standing just inside her new doggie door. It's up next to a window, so Jim is making little stairways. The outside stairway is finished, so she is waiting for me to help her down on the inside. 

She was having so much fun outside, and even though she smelled like "wet doggie", I had to laugh. She was enjoying herself so much, and it reminded ME to check my grumbling attitude, and decide to enjoy my day. So many people are going through so much... I have nothing to complain about... I have MUCH to be thankful about. :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "What I want you to focus on is requiring more of yourself, starting right now."

My verse for today: "The works of His hands are faithful and just; all His precepts are trustworthy. They are steadfast for ever and ever, done in faithfulness and uprightness."

My quote for today: "When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people." --Abraham Joshua Heschel, theology professor

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 641


dailyseeking said...

You have had rain and here in Georgia--winter time is back! I can't believe it! Enjoy hearing about your puppy!

upinthecosmos said...

LOL, so cute. That's awesome that the doggie door is by the window.

mamajuliana said...

Even a wet, wormy-breath doggie is SO CUTE!!!!

(Our doggie eats flies...she likes to grab them in mid air...)

Anonymous said...

Love that pup! :D And the clever/kind people quote is one of my favorites. Great post, Loretta.

And thanks for your comments on mine. It's warfare time, girlfriend.


Becky Baker Horn said...

Attitude is everything!

Christine said...

I love that last quote...wonderful. Joey is a cutie. dogs do enjoy things daily, don't they. We really can learn from that.

M Pax said...

Over the past week or so, we've had winter, summer and now we're soggy, too.

It was so warm out Monday morning then it clouded over and it's been damp and chilly ever since.

LOl about Joey and the worms.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Dogs really do find a way to just make the best of it, don't they? Mine decided to tear into a flower pot and 'taste' a few morsels yesterday. Ahh to be a curious fun loving puppy.

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