Sunday, July 18, 2010

DAY 343 Day of Rest, Fav Photo & PEWC

Happy Sunday, Journal & Friends!

My SweetiePie is working today, so that means an extra quiet Sunday. Ahhh... nice.

This is the end of the first week of Sean and Kenz's PEWC (click on badge in sidebar for details). 

That isn't "puke"...  it stands for Positive Effect Water Challenge. So many people are reporting nice effects. Hmmm... I've made my 2 quarts per day of plain water. And to be honest, I don't like it. Sorry, folks, just being honest. My tap water is not terrific, and paying for water is not in the ol' budget. 

I miss my iced tea!! I used to sip it all day... it's got no calories. I make it very  weakly sweetened with stevia and xylitol. I get my water in that way, and don't gag on chlorinated tap water. 

So,I have my iced tea AFTER I finish "the water" for the challenge, kind of like a reward. Otherwise, I just wouldn't get all "the water" in.

This has been a good challenge, though, making me appreciate my tea. Also, helping me find a routine way to keep track. So I can say I've had those two positive effects, so far!

Today's photo MUST have water in it! LOL!  

Wouldn't you like to hang out here on a hot summer's day?! 

(can click to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey, even while doing a PEWC!



Anonymous said...

lol. I, too, am doing the PEWC. :D I started drinking water with your challenge, so this one is just keeping me at it. Like you, I used to drink tea. although I drank it unsweetened w/ lemon since I don't like the chemicals swweetners (even natural ones like stevia) add.

I use a Brita water pitcher that has a filter in it. You get 3 filters for $16 here. Each filter lasts 3 months. Takes the chlorine taste out.

The only positive side-effect I have noticed is that I MAY be have a slightly more full feeling. I say MAY because at the same time I started the water, I also increased my veggie intake--from 0 to 5 a day. I may have been thinking I was feeling hungry when I was actually thirsty on occasion, too.

Here's what I can notice for sure. After 4 months of this, I find it much easier to drink the water. Really. I started chugging a glass at a time just to get it down--now I easily get my 2 quarts in and without drama. :D

Of course, I'm really NOT increasing my fluid consumption as I now don't drink more than 1 cup of tea a day probably. shrug. I'm just trusting that the water is doing my body good.

I dunno, WLW, some of us fat kids just have a harder time getting with the food-normal program. veggies and water. sigh.



Ice Queen said...

Ah, I miss the swimming holes back home. Spanish Creek and The Feather River both have some of the best swimming holes on the planet. :D

I alternate bottled water (I really need to get a new water filter!) and Crystal Light Peach Tea to stay hydrated. I make my Crystal Light with tap water to cut cost and I drink straight bottled water. The Crystal Light does have calories but not a lot and they are worth it, to me. :D

Christina said...

Wow, that is a fantastic photo!!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

The water challenge is a great idea! It does sound tough. Challenges really do seem like a big help on this journey.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!

Good job on getting the water in even though it doesn't taste so great.

Miz said...

Im already behind on the water after traveling this weekend.

thats todays MUST CATCH UP goal :)
one of many.

Sean Anderson said...


You rock my friend! Thank you so much!! Pssss...I love tea too...nothing like it on a hot summer day!
Very happy that you're getting the water in despite the poor quality tap. The britta filter pitcher might be a difference maker for you---and it would even improve the taste of your tea!

Hats off to you my friend...very nice!

My best always

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